Driveway, Patio & Decking Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning

Our driveways can take significant punishment, from car waste such as oil to silt and soil build-up, driveways are a real potencial for dangerous, slippy environments.

Keep your property safe and looking beautifully cared for with our driveway cleaning service.  We'll power wash the dirt and grime away and remove any growing weeds or other vegetation.  Leaving you with a clean and safe driveway.

Patio Cleaning

Patio's also take some serious traffic, over years they fade with built up muck.  Like driveways a dirty patio is a dangerous place, after all the dirt makes them slippery when wet!

Our patio cleaning service will remove any dirt and grease, we'll also treat the patio with a detergent designed to minimise regrowth of slippery mould.  Once completed you'll have a long-lasting, like-new looking patio.

Decking Cleaning

We all love a bit of decking.  However, wood is a natural breeding ground for mould and other slippery growths.  Wood will also fade and potencially wrap or split if not correctly looked after.

Our decking cleaning service will gently clean your decking, removing mould and mildue deposits and bringing back that fresh wood look.  We'll treat the wood with a special detergent that will minimise regrowth of the mould without harming the timber.

Keep your decking looking as good as the day it was fitted with our decking cleaning service.