Solar Panel Cleaning

Protect Your Investment

We all know that fitting solar panels to your property is a huge investment.  However, most of us forget about those panels once they've been fitted.  

Keeping your solar panels clean increases their life-expectancy.  By removing the harmful effects of rain, bird waste and other corrosive substances your panels will work more efficiently and aid your return on investment.

Maximise Your Power

Studies show that dirty solar panels can be at least 30% less effective than clean ones!  

To keep your green energy source working at its best we recommend you have the panels cleaned at least twice a year.

Commercial Installations

We have the equipment to clean large areas of solar panels, from country homes to solar farms we have the skills, equipement and experience to ensure your solar panels are cleaned correctly and quickly.

Remember dirty panels are significantly less effective than clean ones and the corrosive grim that can build up on the surface can minimise the life-span of the panels.